Music lovers and musicians, listen up. There is a brand new TV show coming this fall, where you can be the star.

“Hello, I’m Tim Farmer and coming this fall we are presenting a music showcase dedicated to finding and then showcasing up and coming talent. dedicated to finding and then showcasing up and coming talent. That’s right we’re looking for you.

This music variety show will be seen this fall and you never know who may stop by to pick, or grin. Whatever style of music, no age restrictions. You just send us a CD, DVD or link to your live performance and our staff will vote for the next guest.

This show will be taped monthly at the beautiful UK Healthcare Pavilion Auditorium in Lexington, KY and we’ll have a mix of established entertainers and our areas up and coming talent taped in front of a live audience.

Additionally, the show is broadcast LIVE to UK Healthcare patient rooms, as part of their healing through the arts program.

So go to the Tim Farmer’s Homemade Jam Facebook Page and post a link to your live performance or send your CD or DVD to PO Box 23100 Lexington, KY 40523 and let’s get the music started. Good luck, see you this fall.”



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  • jim reed 7 years ago

    tim I sent a videos of us playing at banjothon Knoxville tn.we are interested in in playing for you guys,thanks jim reed