Learn how to play this classic bluegrass tune with a free banjo lesson from Trina Emig.

Trina Emig has been playing banjo since 1988 and is currently playing banjo and mandolin for Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers.

banjoworthy1Trina also has a banjo instruction book titled Becoming Banjo Worthy which is also available through the contact page on her website.

Becoming Banjo Worthy includes: What to look for when buying a banjo and simple banjo setup that every banjo player needs to know such as changing strings, positioning the bridge properly, and replacing the head. Proper right hand techniques including putting your picks on, the basic roll patterns, and countless exercises for developing the right hand. Proper left hand techniques including pull-offs, hammers, slides, and 99% of the chord positions you will ever need to know on one simple chord chart. 17 complete songs and more.

Go to TrinaEmig.com to see the tablature for Ninety Nine Years And One Dark Day and check out other videos. Even better, hit the contact page and get hooked up with a copy of her book!

Trina also has an instrumental CD available through the contact page on her website or digitally at CDBaby.





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