Banjo and Guitar Lessons in the West Liberty Area

Josh Cantrell

Now offering banjo and guitar lessons! (West liberty, Kentucky area)

Hello, My name is Josh Cantrell. I have 5+ years experience as a bluegrass musician and am playing on the road with Don Rigsby now. When I’m not on the road I would like to take the opportunity to offer banjo and guitar lessons of all ranges. (from beginner to advanced.) I am very patient and want my students to learn, I am very outgoing and friendly. So I’m easy to work with.

When you take the courses, you will learn not only just how to play your instrument well, but how to be a MUSICIAN and play with other instruments. I will also teach you some of the key aspects of playing music during our sessions. Such as keys, timing, tunings, taste, tone, etc.

If you, a child, or a grandchild may be interested in learning either of these two instruments, please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below.

My rates are $15 per half hour/ $20 per hour. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are local I may consider house calls for a little extra charge. ~ Josh

I have known Josh for a couple years and have seen him play many times. I can say without hesitation and with complete honesty that his skills are amazing. He says he has only been playing for 5 years but let me tell you he has put in as much work and effort with his music than many other people who have been playing for decades. – David Slone

If you aren’t already familiar with Josh and his amazing talents you can review some of his work right here:







Contact me here. Be sure to let me know what you are wanting to learn and how I can contact you.

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