The Clack Mountain Bluegrass Festival Morehead, Ky 2009

This crazy hillbilly is crazy about Bluegrass Music! If you don’t dig Bluegrass then maybe you just haven’t stopped to take a listen to it.

Tommy Webb and Me

Tommy Webb and Me

Yesterday, June 6th, my family and I attended the Clack Mountain Festival in Morehead, Kentucky. I enjoy a lot of different styles of music but Bluegrass Music is my favorite, especially when it is live. The Clack Mountain Festival is held every year in early June. Admission is only $5.00 which is really an excellent deal to get to sit back and listen to awesome bands like Hazel Holler and the Tommy Webb Band.

I got the opportunity to talk with Ralph Stanley, Tommy Webb and Michelle Wallace of the Hazel Holler Girls and to hear a lot of great Bluegrass Music. The atmosphere was so friendly and I think everyone had a good time. A lot of folks came up front to dance too, and there were some good ones let me tell you! There were even some young children getting in on the dancing, it did my heart good to see those young people enjoying Bluegrass Music so much. It makes me feel better about the future somehow.

At this years festival we had the privilege of enjoying  Hazel Holler, Tommy Webb Band, Kentucky Wildhorse, Heather Berry, Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys and The Havens all of whom took their turn performing on the Moonlight Stage. (Last year The SteelDrivers joined in the fun, they are also one of my favorites and I wish they had been able to make it this year.)

It’s times like this that make me think I need to get my old Gibson out and start practicing up. How much fun it would be to pick around with some of these guys in a jam session. Perhaps before this summer is over I will do just that!

Here is a little more about these great Bluegrass performers (in order of their appearance):

Michelle Wallace of Hazel Holler

Michelle Wallace of Hazel Holler

Hazel Holler
Hazel Holler - Click for Full Size ImageStacy York – lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Shirley Seim – fiddle and vocals
Michelle Wallace – bass and vocals
Jackie Thacker on banjo.

I really like this all girl group and I hardly ever miss listening to Michelle Wallace hosting Bluegrass Sunday on Morehead State Public Radio.

Visit the Hazel Holler official website for show dates, information and to get some great music –

The Havens

The Havens Click for full size imageKatie Blankenship – guitar, banjo and vocals.
Rachael Benjamin – autoharp and vocals.
Ami – fiddle.
Beth Price – bass.

Check out The Havens on MySpace ~

Heather Berry
Heather Berry - Click for a full size imageHeather Berry – vocals, guitar and autoharp.
Tony Mabe – vocals, guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, piano and autoharp.

Heather really has a beautiful singing voice and both her and Tony are very talented song writers and musicians.

Visit Heather Berry’s official website for show dates and information ~


Kentucky Wildhorse
Kentucky Wildhorse - Click for a full size imageJohn Harrod – guitar and vocals.
Jim Webb – banjo and vocals.
Don Rogers – guitar and vocals.
Kevin Kehrberg – bass and vocals.
Jesse Wells – mandolin and fiddle.
Paul David Smith – fiddle.

This band is awesome! They have plenty of personality and enthusiasm and a great sound. I always look forward to seeing this wild bunch.

Visit the official Kentucky Wildhorse website for show dates and information ~

The Tommy Webb Band
Tommy Webb – vocals, guitar and banjo.
Chris Goble – banjo
Kenny O’Quinn – mandolin.
Danny Stiltner – bass.
Dave Webb the bands Road Manager.

I would have to say that Tommy Webb and his band were my favorites of all who performed here this year. All the groups were great, but man! I like these guys! I am very partial to the mandolin and Kenny sure knows how to handle one. Tommy has a unique sound that reminds me of the classic greats from yesteryear, but his music is new and fresh – a great combination.

The Tommy Webb Band

The Tommy Webb Band on The Moonlight Stage in Morehead, Ky


Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys

Ralph Stanley and Me

Ralph Stanley and Me

These guys are legends with whom every Bluegrass Music fan is familiar.

Just like many of my readers I was listening to the Stanley Brothers when I was just a kid. Unfortunately we lost Carter a long while back but Ralph kept on going and now Ralph with his Clinch Mountain Boys have become a Bluegrass Music legend.

Visit their official website for show dates and information ~

Also check out ~

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  • Steve 15 years ago

    Hello crazy hillbilly! I was at the festival too and I actually recognize you from that bright red shirt. I saw you up front taking pictures.

    Anyway, I would have a tough time saying who my favorite was. I liked them all, theres jus something about live bluegrass that makes it that much better. I bought several Cds at the show and had a great time.

  • The Crazy Hillbilly 15 years ago

    Hey Steve, thanks for coming by and posting your comments. I hope to add more bluegrass music here very soon.

  • Hey Crazy Hillbilly,

    thanks so much for the nice comments. We certainly had a good time at The Clack Mountain Festival this weekend. We sure like performing for such an energetic crowd, we tend to feed off of their energy.
    Thanks for having this site to and for being a fan of The Tommy Webb Band.

    The Tommy Webb Band

  • The Crazy Hillbilly 15 years ago

    Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment Tommy!

    For all those who visit here and have MySpace check out The Tommy Webb Band at

  • Looks like it was a really great time! I will see y’all there this year for sure. I wish I hadn’t missed this in 09!

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