Ralph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain Boys Music at the Foggy Valley Farm Bluegrass Festival in Hillsboro, Kentucky 2012

Ralph Stanley II http://www.drralphstanley.com/biography/ralphstanley2nd.shtml

Sound System by Dick Webb of the Bluegrass Strangers

Wilder Than Her lyrics

written by Fred Eaglesmith

Well I’m wilder than her
What else can I say,
But I guess that’s why she fell in love with me
She’s a house on fire
She’s got all those charms
I’m a house on fire too, but I got four alarms

And I’m wilder than her
Drives her out of her mind
I guess she thought that she was one of a kind
But she’s a summer storm
I’m a hurricane
One just blows through town
One blows the town away
And I’m wilder than her

When we go driving in our cars
Racing through the night
She can drive as fast as me
But she stops at all the lights
She’s says it cause I’m crazy
She’s probably right
But I think that the reason is that I’m twice as wild

Repeat Chorus

But when she takes my hand
And she looks me in the eye
I see something that I’ve never seen in my life

She takes the fire
Turns it down low
She takes the night
Makes it not so cold
She takes the distance
Breaks it into miles
She makes my life just a little less wild

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Ralph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain Boys

1. Henry Brown
2. Road Going Home
3. On Boot Hill
4. Wave on Old Glory
5. Fortune Fame Freedom
6. Don’t Point Your Finger
7. Goin’ ’round This World
8. Life to Go
9. Raining in My Heart
10. Mary Merry Christmas
11. No More the Moon Shines on Lorena
12. Cannonball Blues

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This One Is II

1 Cold Shoulder
2 Georgia
3 They Say I’ll Never Go Home
4 L.A. County
5 Train Songs
6 Moms Are The Reason Wild Flowers Grow
7 Carter
8 Honky Tonk Way
9 If This Old Guitar Could Talk
10 Loretta
11 Lord help Me Find The Way

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