Ralph Stanley II at the Foggy Valley Farm Bluegrass Festival 2013 Hillsboro, Kentucky

An I Dig Bluegrass Video by David Slone

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Ralph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain Boys

1. Henry Brown
2. Road Going Home
3. On Boot Hill
4. Wave on Old Glory
5. Fortune Fame Freedom
6. Don’t Point Your Finger
7. Goin’ ’round This World
8. Life to Go
9. Raining in My Heart
10. Mary Merry Christmas
11. No More the Moon Shines on Lorena
12. Cannonball Blues

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This One Is II

1 Cold Shoulder
2 Georgia
3 They Say I’ll Never Go Home
4 L.A. County
5 Train Songs
6 Moms Are The Reason Wild Flowers Grow
7 Carter
8 Honky Tonk Way
9 If This Old Guitar Could Talk
10 Loretta
11 Lord help Me Find The Way

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