Dave Adkins & Republik Steele

This five member band was started in Elkhorn City, Kentucky where Dave Adkins, Kenny O Quinn and Danny Ray Stiltner are from and also includes members from Virginia, Matt Cruby and Wesley Wolfe. from Tennessee. The name Republik Steele serves as a tribute to the hardworking coal miners of the area. The fathers & grandfathers of three of the members worked for the same large mining company by the name of Republic Steel.

Dave Adkins & Republik Steele CDThat’s Just The Way I Roll is the name of the first single and title of this debut album by Dave Adkins And Republik Steele. The album also contains 3 songs written by Dave Adkins; Heart Strings, What’s So Grand About Rio, and Get Em Up and powerful versions of the Dave Loggins pop classic Please Come to Boston and the country classic Rose Colored Glasses.

1. That’s Just The Way I Roll 2:30
2. Rose Colored Glasses 3:35
3. Heartstrings (Dave Adkins) 2:06
4. Please Come To Boston (Dave Loggins) 4:23
5. Get ‘Em Up (Dave Adkins) 2:08
6. Laura Mae 3:00
7. Don’t They Know He’s Watching 3:13
8. Rio (Dave Adkins) 3:52
9. Chasin’ A Dream 3:14
10. The Storm 3:27

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