Good news for Dave Evans fans and all bluegrass music lovers! Dave Evans will not be retiring from the bluegrass tours just yet. More Dave Evans and River Bend live bluegrass music at festivals and shows in 2011.

Dave Evans and River Bend at The Clack Mountain Festival Morehead, Kentucky

Dave Evans and River Bend at The Clack Mountain Festival

You may have heard that Dave Evans is no longer touring but fortunately that is no longer true!

On October 13 Dave informed us on WMMT 88.7 FM radio that he would be retiring from any further tours. But about a week later on October 20 Dave announced that he would not be retiring and in fact he is planning a big comeback in 2011.

I talked with Dave yesterday and he tells me that he does have some shows scheduled for 2011 and he is looking for more.

So far on the schedule for Dave Evans:

May 26 2011 in McClure, Virginia at the McClure Virginia Home coming festival

August 11 2011 in Crockett, Kentucky for the Kentucky Ridge Runners Clarence Kelly Homecoming Festival

November 20, 2011 Plain City, Ohio for a show by Dallas Meyers

This is just the beginning and by the time 2011 rolls around there will be more shows scheduled.

Dave Evans also owns the Bluegrass Palace, a live bluegrass music venue and restaurant, located next to the Watts Volunteer Fire Department on Ky Rt 15 in Watts, Kentucky (Near Jackson).

Read more about the Bluegrass Palace

Dave Evans Bluegrass Palace

Dave Evans Bluegrass Palace

If you would like to get information about booking a show see Dave Evans and Riverbend on Facebook






  • Tergina Shepperd 11 years ago

    I would like to know how to get information on where or if Dave Evans is still playing at. My uncle is his #1 fan and will travel to see him. Even if it is at The Bluegrass Palace. Also a good phone # for the Palace would be great if it is still open, please respond soon! THANKS

  • maggie evans 10 years ago

    I never realized how popular dave really was he is a relative of mine but not a close one but my papaw bert evans always made sure i knew we were kin. Thanks to my papaw i love listening to bluegrass its better than listening to that other type of music any day of the week just wish my papaw was still alive to enjoy it with me.

  • maggie evans 10 years ago

    My name is Maggie Evans a granddaughter of Bert Evans. Dave is a relative of mine and when he comes to the reunion I enjoy listening to him play and sing. I just never realized how popular he is, GO DAVE!!!!

  • Stacey Wright 10 years ago

    I wish I had a Dave Evans chip I could implant in my head, so I could listen non stop!!

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