Clarence Kelly on the Cumberland Highlanders Show

“It’s so good to be here at the Cumberland Highlanders in Rosine, Kentucky at Bill Monroe’s birthplace. I want to thank everyone for having us here, Campbell Mercer and the whole Monroe Foundation.

Clarence Kelly No Coal In HarlanThe song I am about to do, a few years back in eastern Kentucky in the coal fields there was no unions and the coal companies would work men to death. Whenever they got old and broke down they had no need for them and down the road they went somewhere, with no where to go. I got to reading about it and I watched a show called The Coal of Harlan and wrote a song simply called No Coal In Harlan.”

It was wrote in respect for the coal miners in eastern Kentucky that spent their lives in the mines and wound up with nothing.”

Clarence Kelly

Video from YouTube user James Stiltner


  • Clarence you will always be one of my favorites. Give me a shout sometime, you got my number.

  • Ken Cartwright 8 years ago

    Clarence; killer song and performance.

  • I Dig Bluegrass 8 years ago

    I really love this tune. Clarence Kelley is an amazing song writer.

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