First Single from Hamertowne is released this week!

HammertowneMountain Fever Records announces the signing of Hammertowne and also presents the first single from their upcoming self-titled release.

Now let Mr. Larry Cordle introduce the band:

” Upon hearing Hammertowne for the first time I thought holy cow! These guys ain’t kiddin’ around. While I was listening to this sparkling track, I was really envious that songwriter Dave Carroll had managed to breathe new life into this old Tommy Magness Classic by writing a wonderful lyric to it. It’s just so good.    Sometimes a combination comes together and something magical happens when they render together. Let me tell you folks, that is what is happening here. These guys must have grinned themselves to death when they cut this thing… it’s infectious and what a feel good story. The sky’s the limit for these boys and here is why.    Dave Carroll … ace songwriter, singer & guitar player. Someone whose work I have admired for a long time. This guy knows how to tell stories, put melodies together and deliver them that have that old East Kentucky feel that I love so well.    Chaston Carroll… strong & tasty on the mandolin, a fine singer and getting better all the time.    Doug Burchett…..rock solid on the bass & can sing lead and tenor with equal expertise… and is a strong songwriter as well.    Brent Pack…….. Is that Earl? J.D.? no that’s Brent Pack…. tone, timing & taste … all the right ingredients…. just listen.    Scott Tackett…… powerful singer, songwriter & guitarist … check out the video on their homepage… ’nuff said.    You put all that together, and bang! You have that rare thing that’s hard to explain, you just gotta hear it. It’s fresh and new… but fits like your favorite old shoes. These boys can hammer down, their name is Hammertowne” ………….. Larry Cordle …or… er… cord.

Coming from the “Cradle of Bluegrass Music”, as the foothills of Eastern Kentucky are called, This five man group came together while working on a solo project for Scott Tackett. Not new to the pro circuit, they all have experience with Dave Evans, Ernie Thacker, New River Line and other groups. The group also garnered the 2012 National Bluegrass B.O.R.N. Award

“Dave contacted me about this band late last year, and a few days later we signed Grasstowne and the first single they wanted to release was a song given to them by none other than David Carroll. Dave sent me some rough mixes and I loved them “, stated label representative Mark Hodges. You’ll recognize his name as the author of songs such as, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out (Kentucky Farmers), Lonesome River Band (The Game Is Over), Lou Reid (Brighter Shade of Blue), Blue Moon Rising (This Old Martin Box). He also has cuts upcoming on the next IIIrd Tyme Out recording as well as Junior Sisk’s new release.

The single is available to radio from AirPlayDirect, RadioSubmit, or directly from Mountain Fever Records by those that request it here.

It will be available on iTunes,CDbaby and other digital outlets this week.

Official Hammertowne website –



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