The Velvet Blue is Brian Cooper, Taylor Hampton, Carrie Johnson, and Megan McKamey

About the video:

It was shot at Tar Fork, Kentucky which is in Lewis County. The cabin is pre civil war. And the dresses are actually made by Debbie Worthington-Craft and are from real feed sacks that a friend of hers had saved for years from her great grandmother.

It was shot and produced by Aaron Solee from Frankfort.

The children are: Caroline, Briley, Aubrianna, Anslee, Jimma, Allie, Lilly, and Lilly 2, Arissa, Gabe O’Brien, and the mother is Anastasia Fannin Cooper.

Visit the official website to get yourself a CD and to find out more about this band! ~ 1-606-776-9094 ~

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