Dave Evans at the Clarence Kelly Homecoming Bluegrass Festival. This is a really good one. Dave talks about life and then sings a very touching song. Dave is up on stage with Clarence Kelly and some other friends doing an impromptu “show”. It was killer! They talked, told jokes and stories, sang songs and had a good time. All unplanned and natural. It was one of the very best times I have had at any bluegrass festival!

I really love Dave’s music and over the past several years I have met him many times and we always talk and often cut up with each other. He is a sincere “real” person who is as down to Earth and friendly as he can be. If you get the chance to see Dave Evans play somewhere try not to miss it. And whenever you do get the opportunity to see him buy a CD or few. If you like good music you won’t regret it a bit!

Clarence Kelly Homecoming Bluegrass Festival http://www.ClarenceKellyHomecoming.com

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