Williams’ Poison
By Sue Massek

Grew up on the banks of the Chaplin,
Down by the Tatum Springs Bridge.
My families been here over 200 years,
I cherish each run-off and ridge.
It’s knowing that my children’s children,
Will one day call this farm home,
That’s carried me through all the hard times I knew,
And brought what contentment I’ve known.

We All Live DownstreamChorus:
Hold on, stand strong, don’t let Williams’ poison pass through our land.
Hold on, stand strong the fate of our homeland is now in our hands.

They plan to pipe waste through Kentucky,
From the fracking they’ve done in the North.
Their pipeline would run right through my home,
On it’s dangerous trip to the Gulf.
They come with their saccharin faces,
And a neighborly pat on the back.
They tempt us with wealth at the risk of our health,
From the hazardous brew they extract.

In Ohio their water is burning,
And on to the east the earth shakes.
Oil companies claim they’re not to blame,
Like they promise this pipeline is safe.
Like a fiend they’re lusting for profit,
There is nothing on earth they won’t do,
There’s no lie they won’t tell to get us to sell,
Just as long as their pipeline goes through.

They can take back their plans and their money,
And the pipeline of toxins they’ve made.
We see through their lies by the greed in their eyes,
And the path of destruction they’ve laid.
This earth is our garden for tending,
She’ll give us all that we need,
But there’ll be hell to pay at the end of the day,
If we ruin her rivers and streams.

Sue Massek ~ SueMassek.com ~

Sue plays with the Reel World String Band ~ Reelworldstringband.com ~

Video by New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future ~




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  • I Dig Bluegrass 10 years ago

    FRANKFORT, KY. — Two months into a public push for acceptance, the developers of a planned natural gas liquids pipeline across Kentucky have found escalating opposition.

    Already, four counties have passed resolutions against the Bluegrass Pipeline because of concerns about property rights and the environment, with Anderson County joining the chorus Tuesday night.

    And on Wednesday, about 100 critics rallied against the pipeline at the state Capitol, presenting Gov. Steve Beshear’s office with petitions signed by more than 5,200 people calling on him to include the pipeline controversy in next week’s special session of the General Assembly…

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