I have been listening to a CD from Jim & Valerie Gabehart which includes several original tunes written by Jim (Indicated with an * in the list below) along with some well known traditional tunes. Jim and Valerie are accompanied with Jason Carter, Steve Thomas and Rob Ickes on this album.

Jim and Valerie Gabehart

Jim and Valerie Gabehart

Jim & Valerie Gabehart live in West Virginia. They have been married for nearly 30 years and were both musicians at the time they met. They chose to spend their time and efforts raising their children instead of pursuing their musical careers. After their children were grown and on their own they decided to focus on their music. In fact that is what Jim had in mind when he wrote the title track for his wife! Perhaps we will get the chance to see Jim and Valerie playing in Kentucky soon.

It’s My Turn is the newest album released by the Gabeharts. You can see a full listing of their CDs on their website (link below). Each album has mp3 previews for each track so you can check them out. There are also mp3 demos available for two of Jim’s original songs (clickable in the track list below and on their official website).

It’s My Turn

Jim and Valerie Gabehart It's My Turn

It’s My Turn

1. It’s My Turn *
2. Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
3. How’s The World Treating You
4. Daddy’s Little Man *
5. Peach Pickin’ Time In Georgia
6. I’m The Boss
7. When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
8. Shortnin’ Bread
9. Home Is Where The Heart Is
10. What Kind Of Tomorrow *
11. Heart Of The Wood
12. Grandpa Was An Old Time Preacher *

For more information including booking, schedules, bios and more:

Jim Gabehart
292 Trace Creek Road
Hamlin, West Virginia 25523

or call 304-824-7748



  • Dave, thanks for the publicity. We’re trying to get out as much as possible and definitely plan on hitting Kentucky and our other neighbors as much as possible. When our schedule fills out I’ll let you know whenever we’re coming your way. Hope your readers like our music. Thanks again, JIM & VALERIE GABEHART

  • DSlone 13 years ago

    Hey Jim you are very welcome. Perhaps if you are playing in the Eastern Kentucky area I will get the chance to hear y’all live.

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