David Carroll, Chaston Carroll, Adam Collinsworth, and Chad Gilbert at the Foggy Valley Farm Bluegrass Festival in Hillsboro, Kentucky

Get yourself some Hammertowne music!

Hillbilly Heroes

1 Don’t Ever Cross A Moonshine Man
2 Hilbilly Heroes
3 Scorcher Carroll’s Farm
4 The Dream
5 The Roof Is Coming Down
6 Louisville Rambler
7 I’m Lonely For My Only
8 Rainy Old River Town
9 Bluer By The Minute
10 Wicked Woman
11 A Day In The Life Of The One Left Behind
12 Lights & Sirens (Instrumental)

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Highways & Heartaches

1 Broken Heart Mended
2 Polly’s Revenge
3 Carolina Waits
4 Kayla Dear
5 Little Laura Mae
6 Sad Song Melody
7 Nothing Left But Time To Do
8 Detroit To Dallas
9 Heartaches and Pain
10 Hansel’s Barn Dance
11 Call Out His Name

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Hammertowne (First, Self Titled Album)

1 I’m Thinking You Don’t Love Me Anymore
2 Cherokee Maiden
3 Movin
4 This Old Martin Box
5 Iver Johnson Is My Name
6 Why Don’t You Tell Me So
7 So Long and Goodbye
8 Emma
9 Too Far Gone
10 I’ll Talk It All Over With Him
11 Sourwood Mountain

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