Here is the full show for Clarence Kelly And Nu-Cut Road.

This past weekend I played with Clarence Kelly And Nu-Cut Road in West Liberty, KY. I had a BLAST, but what I didn’t know was that it would be our last performance.

Clarence notified the band and then his fans. It was a sad day for sure, but one that we as a band understood. Clarence has been suffering with sever back pain for quite a few years now. He even had surgery a couple years ago and there is still a lot of pain.

Clarence is not giving up playing, just performing. The shows we put on are usually 45 minutes to an hour long and sometimes there are more then one in a day. So he will write more, which is a good thing because he is one hell of a writer. He writes pretty much all the material we do. I’m posting a video of our last show, and a very special thanks goes out to David Slone for recording us and sharing his videos with us. David is an independent videographer. You can see all of David’s videos at There are several of Clarence Kelly and Nu-Cut Road, along with other great groups!! Check them out when you can and support a wonderful way of watching some great bluegrass music!!

It was an honor for me to play fiddle and sing, with such a talented and kind hearted man. I will never forget that Clarence believed in me and gave me a chance where others wouldn’t. I was thrilled that he loved my style of playing. I took the time to learn all his material and tried my best at playing it note for note. I Thank you Clarence from the bottom of my heart. Clarence has CD’s and a DVD that are for sale and you can get them at

I hope that someday Clarence will once again perform and I REALLY hope that when he does, I can get him booked over in England at the Cornish Bluegrass Festival so we can play together once more. On behalf of Nu-Cut Road, we would like to thank Clarence for a wonderful time together and the chance to play some of the BEST music ever!! We love you!! See you down the road!!

July 14, 2015 ~ Renee Missy Daley

Clarence Kelly, Jerry Ankney, Carl Caldwell, Renee Missy Daley, and Don Hill.

Randy Holland was missed.

Video by David Slone

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  • I Dig Bluegrass 5 years ago

    Since the day of this show Clarence has been feeling better than expected and he has been performing some here and there. According to this page he has quit doing shows as a band but fortunately that has not been the case.