Lanny Franklin’s Old Mill Bluegrass Festival West Liberty, Ky 7- 14-12 Sound provided by Newtown Sound Junior Williams and Terry Poirier

Billie Renee & Cumberland Gap is Billie Renee, Harold Mosely, Bill Johnson, Kyle Burnett, and Josh Cantrell


  • The more Kyle sang “Rain please go away…” the harder it came down! :O)

  • Well it seems like it rains more often than not when you are enjoying a bluegrass music festival and this one was no exception. There were a few times when the music was just stopped for awhile. It rained very hard and heavy and there was more than once when my canopy was plumb full o folks trying to keep from getting washed away!

    OH and the more Kyle sang to the rain to go away it just rained all the more :O)

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